Kindergarten 2023-2024 Supply List 

Classroom Supplies


• 2 crayon boxes 24ct • 2 boxes of markers 10ct • 1 pack of Black Expo Markers 4ct • 1 Primary Scissors • 3 packs of glue sticks 4ct • 3 plastic folders (Labeled with your child’s name)... Red, blue, and yellow • 1 Primary Journal with picture box (Labeled with your child’s name) • 1 box of My First Ticonderoga Pencil 12 ct (large primary) • 1 box of regular Ticonderoga Pencils 12 ct 2 white erasers • 1 pencil box (Labeled with your child’s name) • 3 tissue boxes • 1 roll of paper towels • 1 hand sanitizer • 1 box of Band-Aids • Headphones with cushion (with a regular jack or USB port) 


• 1 pack of quart sized Ziploc’s • 1 pack of White Cardstock • 2 Disinfectant Spray 


• 1 pack of gallon sized Ziploc’s • 1 pack of Colorful Cardstock • 2 Clorox Wipes 

Personal Daily Items 

ALL students must have a separate change of uniform in a Ziplock bag that is labeled with the child’s full name. Please include underwear and socks. This is for emergencies only and will not be taken out unless it needs to be used. 

Links below to examples of the supply list items.

Thank you for all your help & donations! Love, The Kindergarten Team